Products & Prices

We accept cash, local checks, and Venmo (@wildcatcreekapiary).

Comb Honey (~8 oz.) – seasonally available $15.00
Honey Bear (12 oz.) $8.00
Quart Jar of Honey (3 lbs) $18.00
Pint Jar of Honey (1.5 lbs) $10.00
Gallon of Honey (12 lbs) $67.00
Creamed Honey (1 Pound Plastic Tub) $8.00



10 thoughts on “Products & Prices

  1. Hello, I am looking for raw cone honey. In light of covid-19, I am unsure how to obtain it from you. Do you do mail order by chance?


    1. Hi Nick, We can help you obtain bees. It’s too late in the summer to successfully start a new colony this year. Please get in touch in early January. That’s when we begin making plans for starting new colonies. In the meantime, you will want to go to one of the beekeeping supply websites and purchase yourself a stater kit of equipment. This usually consists of the wooden ware and internal parts of the hive, bottom, cover, smoker, and “uniform.” You will want to have that assembled by April and ready for the bees. The bees could be ready anytime from mid-April to late-May. We are the mercy of Mother Nature. What we would supply to you is a 5-frame nucleus hive. This is a small working colony with Queen, many workers, and brood. We will explain how to transfer it into your new equipment. The cost in recent years has been around $200 or so.


    1. Hi Stella, Your message just showed up in our system. Sorry for the delay. Sorry, but we do not sell propolis. It would require a whole different food safety line to process than our honey does. I often come across propolis during the summer. I would be happy to give you a chunk of raw propolis when/if I do. Send me an email at if you want. Best wishes,


  2. What are your hours or do you prefer that we email/call before stopping by to pick up some of your yummy honey?


    1. Hi Julie,

      You can come anytime. We keep a small stock of honey in the screened room attached to our house. You can enter through the exterior door, leave payment and take your honey. We accept cash, check or Venmo (@wildcatcreekapiary). If we are home, we enjoy interacting but understand that currently many prefer to maintain distance. The products available are pints ($9), quarts ($16), and gallons ($60). We try to keep everything stocked but the gallons a bit more challenging because we don’t sell too many of them and thus don’t keep as many on hand. Let us know if you have other questions or concerns.

      Best wishes,



  3. I’m looking for some local bee pollen. I didn’t see it available on your products list. If this isn’t something you have, can you direct me to a local seller. Thank you


    1. Hi Mark, Sorry, we don’t have pollen for sale. In this area the diversity of plants is limited due to most land being in commercial crop production or housing units. Pollen is the source of protein, vitamins, and minerals in the diet of honey bee larvae. If we harvest pollen then we risk a dietary imbalance for the bees. I don’t know any local beekeepers who sell pollen, but you might check at Sunspot Natural Market in West Lafayette. Best wishes, Wildcat Creek Apiary


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